Polyphonic Polyrhythmic Polymetric. PolyPolyPoly was inspired by turn lights of several cars driving in front of me on my way home at night. They all had a different rhythm and when I saw this I was inspired to program this new Plug In. PolyPolyPoly is more than an arpeggiator and less than a sequencer. It has 4 voices that can have an individual rhythm and individual length. So when you play a chord each note plays it’s own sequence. When you change the chord or just a single note you will get a variation but the inner structure stays the same. ¬†Very simple but very complex at the same time. Very playful and musical.

I always found arpeggios too simple but with PolyPolyPoly you might be able to find new ideas for your own music making. Version 1.0 will be available soon from this page. Please send comments and ideas.

click here to download: (coming soon)

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